Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Dear Tories, how are you enjoying the Coalition now?

By now, I mean now that Nick Clegg is laughing in your face? And do you realise that last year's election was the high water mark for you?

After 13 years of Labour, you couldn't win outright. You went chasing after votes from people who hate you and will never support you. The votes you needed, that you could have got, you lost for one reason more than any other, because of your refusal to honour the 'cast-iron' promise to hold a referendum. And now you're like the Macedonians watching, fuming, as your Alexander cosies up with his new-found Persian chums.

I'm no Tory, but I would have voted Tory, if your candidate had responded in the affirmative to my question of whether she would support a referendum on the EU. She didn't even bother to reply. I won't bother asking again. It seems naive to ask a politician what their position is. Like lawyers, they can argue either side of a question, depending on who's paying.

The only threat you have is that if you don't get in, Labour will, and I still can't really see the difference.


Smoking Hot said...

Not forgetting the 25% of the population that smoke. Hell, with them and a referendum they'd have had a landslide! :)

Michael Fowke said...

The Tories must be losing loads of voters to UKIP now.