Sunday, 23 October 2011

Filth and depravity? What did you expect?

I note a story from the Mail, reporting how 200 of the audience walked out of the Royal Shakespeare Company's performance of 'Marat/Sade'.

I dare say I would have been similarly appalled if I had been in the audience - but then, knowing my likely reaction, wild horses wouldn't have dragged me into the theatre in the first place. It's about the Marquis de Sade - what did you think you were letting yourself in for?

I hope the RSC refuses to reimburse these philistines.


Michael Fowke said...

Anyone who goes to the theatre to see any show is asking for trouble.

Leg-iron said...

They went there in order to be offended.

There might be compo to be claimed, you see.

Anonymous said...

Christ they made a film of it as far back as 1968, so what did they expect, the fucking Sound Of Music?

Or maybe they don't read or watch old movies?

They should try "Salo" as an aperitif.

The Humble Servant said...

What a bunch of dicks.

As any cultured person knows, Marat/Sade is on the far end of controversial works. And when I say "any cultured person" I mean anyone who saw the episodes of Home & Away many years ago when the school put on a production of it and parents complained (fictional parents of the fictional students that is).

Anonymous said...

I left the RSC at half-time a couple of years ago when they were doing a modern take on Don Juan.

I wasn't offended, it was just village hall quality "am-dram" on offer.

Take away the R and the Stratford setting and some of these clowns are living on past glories. So they do attention-seeking stuff like this to court controversy and seem avant-garde and edgy, when really they are just coddled luvvies.

Trooper Thompson said...


Salo - an aperitif? It certainly doesn't whet my appetite.


as you know, I presume all plays to be of the Marat/Sade ilk, unless assured otherwise.