Sunday, 30 October 2011

"Indiscriminate euroscepticism"? Indy hack smells coffee and panics

Steve Richards writing in the Indy, makes one good point. he notes, as is indeed the case, that the Tory call for renegotiating Britain's EU membership is a red herring. There will be no renegotiation. How some Tories have managed to brainwash themselves into believing that this is an option, I don't know. But poor Steve is getting scared:
Britain is marching to a different, more dangerous and yet vaguely defined place. One despondent pro-European Labour MP predicts an in-or-out referendum within five years. We are moving nearer to the illusory freedoms of isolation.
Dangerous? Illusory freedoms of isolation? Here we have the main plank of the pro-Brussels position: Fear. This more than anything else will be the argument they will use to cow the electorate back to subdued subjection. And it's all hogwash.

More than anything else, the political and state powers want us to think we need them, when we do not. They need us. We are the host. They are the parasite. Without us, they die. Without them, we thrive.

Leaving the EU remains unthinkable to the Establishment. So what? They lack imagination. We shouldn't worry too much about convincing them. The better way is to bypass them as the irrelevant relics that they are.

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