Saturday, 22 October 2011

Joke of the week: William Hague

I love this line:

"Hague warned fellow eurosceptic Conservative MPs against voting for a referendum in a backbench debate taking place on Monday..."

That says all you need to know about 'euroscepticism'. It is in favour of Britain's membership of the EU, and against letting the people have any say in the matter.

As with a number of prominent Tories, Hague is telling us to forget what he said in the past, and listen to him now.

As for the Tories calling for renegotiation, they are either idiots or knaves. There will be no renegotiation, as everyone who takes an interest knows.

What I find amusing is all the nonsense about imposing the whip. So what? If you, as an MP, obey the whip over your conscience, you have no place in Parliament.

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