Sunday, 2 October 2011

Memo to Nick Boles MP

As we head into the Blue Party's conference, the running dogs are all yapping in unison: "don't mention the EU". One such scrofulous curr is Nick Boles, who the BBC describes as "influential", although I've never heard of him before.
"Conservatives must focus on issues that are important to the public, not "petty obsessions" at their party conference"
Good, and the most important issue is getting us out of the EU.
"Any arguments over Europe must be practical in nature and not become ideological fights, Mr Boles stressed."
Fine. Leave the ideology alone. Get us out of the EU. Start working on the timetable. The ideology is settled. It falls under the headings; democracy, sovereignty, independence.
"I hope that the Conservatives will be focused on what matters to the British public - which is growth, jobs and the rising cost of fuel, not our little petty obsessions," he told the BBC.

"The most important thing is that we have to apply a test before we say anything - any of us, backbench MPs, ministers, whatever.

"The test is: 'Is this an issue for the people around Britain - people that voted for us and those that didn't - that they find crucially important in this very difficult time?'

Okay Nick, with regard to your test, at the last general election I did not vote for your party, because the candidate in my constituency did not support an in/out referendum, and I am certain that I was not alone in this decision. You may think we the people have goldfish memories - we don't. We remember the 'cast iron guarantee' and all the rest that lying potato head said when he thought it expedient. As for growth, jobs and the rising cost of fuel, all of these are issues intricately linked with Britain's membership of the EU, especially the cost of fuel.

I'm glad I'm not a Tory. What shame and embarrassment I would feel being a member of a party that is betraying this nation of ours and handing power over to a foreign institution, and when it has the opportunity to salvage the nation's sovereignty and democratic system, it does nothing.

As for the Tory 'Eurosceptics' - don't you realise; your place in hell will be that much hotter than your pro-treason colleagues BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT'S RIGHT AND YET DON'T DO IT.


Anonymous said...

I really don't get why ideology has become a dirty word? I believe in freedom, non-aggression* and a tiny state, my political views on most things can be gleaned from this simple ideology. Pragmatists on the other hand, twist and turn in the wind. It is surely better to have a base set of views against which you can judge your representative.

(* though of course armed self-defence is entirely acceptable)

Trooper Thompson said...

I think it has long had a slightly pejorative sense to it, probably due to the marxists using it against their critics. Rather than deal with the criticism, they claimed the attacks were from those of another ideology, and thus not valid - polylogism in practice.

I try to avoid the word for myself. I think it better to see libertarianism as a political philosophy, rather than an ideology.

I take your point though, and the Tory MP in question is engaging in dishonesty. He says to focus on practicality, but what he means is; don't talk about Europe because the leadership doesn't want to.