Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mervyn King wrings his hands, but sadly not his own neck

I'm interested to know; historically speaking, has there ever been a central banker who ever, once took any kind of responsibility for the fucking disaster that they cause?

Mervyn Fucking King casting down his pearls of wisdom from the Olympian heights. Apparently the world economy's a bit screwed at the moment. but don't worry, because the greatest economic minds of the age are working on a solution down at the Bank.

At their last 'blue sky thinking' session, they came up with the genius solution of printing up £75 billion and giving it to their old school chums in the City. That should do the trick, unless of course you're one of the working class or middle class, in which case you've just been robbed.

This guy brings out the jacobin in me. Even though I'm bound to be in the second wave of executions in any French-style revolution, if the 'wise men' who serve the Whore of Threadneedle Street proceed me to the scaffold, that will give a measure of satisfaction.

Ca ira!


Stussy88 said...

Did you see that other clown Greenspan on youtube explaining that if the US wanted to recover all they had to do was buy up all the spare houses and burn 'em (sic).

Unreal, get rich by destroying wealth!

Trooper Thompson said...

I didn't see that, I'm glad to say, as it would have only made me furious.

The Broken Window Fallacy writ large.