Sunday, 9 October 2011

My advice to John Major: keep your mouth shut about the EU

According to the Mail:
The UK could use the eurozone crisis as an opportunity to grab back powers from Europe, Sir John Major has suggested.

The former prime minister said that any new treaty drawn up in its wake would allow Britain to renegotiate its relationship with Brussels - particularly on employment issues.

And he claimed it was likely that Europe was heading towards a 'federal state within the eurozone' as leaders try to find a resolution for the current crisis.
Is this the same John Major who brought us into ever-closer union via the Maastricht Treaty? So it is. You'd think he'd have the good sense to shut the fuck up about the EU, unless it was to offer the British people an abject apology for what his EU-fanatic administration did to us. Continuing, like he's just arrived from a parallel universe where he didn't do the exact opposite of what he is now reported as saying:

'I think it gives an opportunity for two things. Firstly it gives us an opportunity to negotiate for the looser form of Europe that I would have liked to have seen in the 1990s.

'I think there are some areas that are worth looking. Fishing is one. I think there are some elements of employment law.... things like the working time directive, which I think is a very foolish piece of legislation - we could look at repatriating part of it.'

A group was formed last month by new-intake Tories to put pressure on the leadership to weaken ties with Brussels.

Ah yes, the group of 'Euro-realist' Tories, formed with the intention of providing a decoy, while the leadership bundle what's left of our nation's sovereignty into tea crates for shipping over to Brussels.

There will be no renegotiation. There never can be a renegotiation. The only reason anyone (who understands EU politics) ever mentions renegotiation is to make the pro-sovereignty people sit remain calm until we are safely gobbled down and tucked away in the belly of the Brussels beast.