Sunday, 9 October 2011

Note to Peter Hitchens: Keynes was no economist

I was reading Peter Hitchen's scathing review of the conference season, nodding along, certainly agreeing with his views of the Bank of England's hyper-inflationary counterfeiting plot, but then something terrible happened. I read this:

"Let me remind you of what one of our greatest economists, Lord Keynes, once wrote ..."


No No No. Mr Hitchens, not only is John Maynard Fucking Beezebub Keynes NOT one of our greatest economists, he was not even an economist. He was an anti-economist, an enemy of reason, the man more than anyone else responsible for destroying the progress made over hundreds of years, dragging the science back to an age of magick. The world's most arrogant, delusional elitist. Everyone outside his little circle he looked down on as worms and cockroaches. And, Mr Hitchens he despised everything you hold dear. When he quotes Lenin on destroying a nation's currency, that's what he wanted! That phrase of Lenin's encapsulates the Keynesian agenda

His name should be used like Cromwell's in Ireland; to scare little children. His corpse should be dug up and scattered on the dung heap.

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