Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Pull the other one, Obama

Does anyone believe the ridiculous story the US regime is putting about, concerning Iran and an assassination plot?

I guess the hawks are getting desperate to attack Iran. The bit I like is the tie-in with one of the Mexican drug gangs which the DoJ has been caught shipping weapons to, some of which have been used to kill US cops and border guards (look up 'Operation Fast and Furious').

Leaving aside the 'pot calling the kettle black' aspect - Obama claims a right to assassinate American citizens in foreign countries - Iran has no reason to get involved in such a crack-pot conspiracy. That's not to say they're a great bunch of guys, but they're not crazy.

UPDATE: Read Justin Raimondo's take at


James Higham said...

That's not to say they're a great bunch of guys, but they're not crazy.

Their leader is.

Anonymous said...

I did rather raise an eyebrow myself. We have the Americans who are killing people in a handful of countries at present, and the ever-lovely Saudis who from wikileaks, want to bomb Iran both saying "Shock, horror, a terror plot"

Plus what would they gain from the killing of this guy on American soil? (Other than bringing down a world of pain on their own heads).

Angry Exile said...

Their leader is.

Which one? Imadinnerjacket or the Ayatollah? And what would they gain, especially if Obama's doing America more harm where he is? Crazy isn't the same as stupid.

Trooper Thompson said...

AE, you've made the point I wanted to make, which recalled a line from Del Boy "he may be mad but he's not bloody stupid".

Anonymous said...

Yet another false flag load of absolute bollox! The whole world needs to stand up and tell the west we are not going to take this anymore so shove it!