Monday, 3 October 2011

Re: the world economic crisis

I'm sure I'm not the only one looking at this world economic mess and feeling like I'm on the deck of the Titanic as the iceberg looms ahead.

The people are restless. They know something is seriously wrong. The oligarchy is nervous. They have it all planned out, but they cannot be sure that the people will take the bait. That bait is the socialist 'solution', the big government 'solution'.

We have two enemies. The banking oligarchy is one. The state is the other. And yet, the loudspeakers are proclaiming that capitalism is the enemy, that what's left of free trade and free enterprise - what's left of freedom itself - must be destroyed.

The greatest increase in wellbeing for the people came through liberalism. The key pillars of that were; peace, free trade and individual liberty. The free trade system could function because there was a single, stable, hard currency with which the world could do business, and that was gold. It's greatest asset was that it could not be manipulated by governments or bankers. It had in-built mechanisms to punish inflationist measures. Whatever flaws it had were as nothing to the unfolding tragedy of fiat paper money. The true economists spent the 20th century playing the part of Cassandra, as the world stumbled through the doomed-to-fail make-shifts of the Gold Exchange Standard and then the Bretton Woods agreement and arrived at the worst of all systems, an inflationist counterfeiting racket.

Now, in the Keynesian long-run, we face a decision: do we impoverish the working and the middle class and feed what's left of our accumulated wealth into the blackhole created by government and bankster fraud and felony? Do we sacrifice everything, so that the banks may survive? A QUOI BON?

Hey Greece, don't you wish you'd stuck with this stuff?

So far, the only country which seems to have done the right thing is Iceland, because the people said no to a criminal extortion, even when their politicians wanted to kowtow. The answer for Greece is to get out of the Euro and start printing the Drachma. The answer must include arresting the 'financial terrorists' as Max Keiser calls them. The answer is not following the pied pipers of socialism - that's what thwarted the rise of liberalism 100 years ago. Nor is it allowing those who have ripped us all off for so long now pose as our savours.

The answer is liberty.

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At last, some sense.