Saturday, 1 October 2011

Ron Paul 2012: Come on America!

Hat tip: Activist Post


Anonymous said...

Trouble is, he's so good and the man for the day that THEY ain't gonna let him win and if he does, THEY won't let him live.
A great man that would make a great President. How long is it since we saw such open honesty in a politician.

Trooper Thompson said...

This is what Jesse Ventura was talking about by putting himself forward as a running mate. He explained he'd be Ron Paul's best insurance policy, as if they did anything to Ron, they'd get Jesse.

Anyway, I think we should have a positive attitude about it. The bad guys don't always triumph.

Demos said...

The West's best, and perhaps only hope. The rest of the presidential candidates are unprincipled politicians whether democrat or republican.
I understand that the permanent political class, and the media, and business are terrified of this man and will go the extra mile to stop him, but the American people need to wake up and see the gift he offers them.

Demos said...

If he should be rejected by those who will not see, or hear, then he should try his hand over here, we also have a dire political class which needs cauterising.