Sunday, 2 October 2011

Warsi tells Tories to aim for outright majority - but why?

Baroness Warsi tells the dupes of her Party that the Tories should aim to win the next election outright. My question is: why?

Or to elaborate: what the fuck difference would it make, given that the Tory Party is run by a bunch of traitors who can't be told apart from the Lib Dems?

Oh sure, there's still a frisson of tribalism, but the coalition enables the high command to stick two fingers at their poor deluded followers who still, for some unknown reason, haven't worked out that the leadership doesn't give a fuck about the so-called conservative values which motivate the ordinary members.

The litmus test is, and will remain, the EU. Whatever the crooked leaders, such as Cameron and Hague, said in opposition, and whatever pathetic statement they make about 'repatriating powers' which everyone who knows anything knows will never happen, the Tory Party position is the same, absolutely and incontrovertibly the same, as the Lib Dems'.

The Tory Party is pro-treason. The fact that some of its members, and perhaps even some of its MPs are not, only indicates the inability of these well-meaning people to add two and two and get four. Wake up, you morons. If you want to save your country, the Tory Party must die. Pick up the knife and do it.


Goodnight Vienna said...

In a sense, the Tory Party is dead - what we have at the moment is nothing like one. I saw an i/view with Warsi earlier today (think it was with Jon Sopel). It was terrible, he tied her up in knots and she floundered. Probably won't be in the job long. Wish I cd say the same abt Cameron, Clegg & Barroso.

Trooper Thompson said...

Yeah, she's a lightweight. She's thrown out as a decoy to soak up some flak.

Anonymous said...

There is of course another reason why Warsi has the job. If her name was Williams she may not enjoy the same patronage as now.

Trooper Thompson said...


I dare say.

Anonymous said...

What most people today fail to recognize or try to ignore is the heightened probability that violent revolution in this country is now almost inevitable. Our very own "potemkin" moment is near. The tipping point which will release the peoples anger, frustration and wanton violence is approaching. The establishment and our traitorous "leaders" per-se are not listening and won't listen until violence is visited upon them. We are currently imprisoned by a traitorous cabal and that cancer is very much like the great plague of london unwittingly waiting for the cleansing fire soon to engulf everyone in it's path.