Monday, 21 November 2011

Australia under occupation

An interview with a peace activist who penetrated a top secret military base in the middle of Oz - not that she got too far. The last part of the interview reveals the US is building a massive base at Darwin. I thought they were strapped for cash, but apparently not. Good to see Obama carrying on the work of W and the Project for a New American Century.


Angry Exile said...

It's an odd thing that the number of US Marines seems to be unknown. I've heard "thousands" on one news report, "a thousand" on another, "250" on a third and finally "2,500", which I'm guessing is probably nearer the truth. All quite irrelevant for the stated purpose which is to give the Chinese pause, and let's be frank if the PRC Liberation Army invaded you could have the entire ADF and USMC in the way and they'd be overwhelmed by weight of numbers.

Is there a true unstated purpose behind this? Actually I doubt there is. Probably nobody thinks it makes a difference militarily but sends a message all the same. The respective leaders are both daft enough to think that thats meaningful, or rather more meaningful than China being both a major customer for Australian resources and a supplier of manufactured goods for both Australia and the US. They don't bloody need to invade western nations when they are being, as I've said once or twice before, better capitalists than us.

And I'd bet it's us rather than the Yanks paying for the base to be built as well. Would fit in with the Keynesian thinking of governments these days.

Single acts of tyranny said...

The Chinese could of course, just stop funding the yanks and then the USMC couldn't afford any bullets!

James Higham said...

I was in an American forces hospital in northern WA which served a nearby base - the Americans are dotted all over at strategic locations and Australia is a key place for the global security network.

Angry Exile said...

True, James, and the US have had troops here in greater numbers in the past for various reasons, not least war in the western Pacific. It's not something I worry much about - the spiders and snakes and crocs will get 'em all if they decide to march on Melbourne. :-D

Trooper Thompson said...


unleash the cane toads!