Friday, 18 November 2011

Commenting problems?

One of my dear readers has informed me that he has had some trouble getting comments posted on the blog. I don't know what has caused this. My assumption is that it is a problem with blogspot, as I have similarly had a problem a couple of times recently with other blogspot sites. Let me know if this has affected you - you can use the email address at the top on the right.

It may be the net is finally closing, and we must gird our loins for battle, so excuse me while I tape the carving knife to the broom handle (American readers, learn from our folly - don't let them take your guns!), or else it's just a temporary glitch with blogspot.

UPDATE: I think what is causing a problem is, if one tries to leave a comment and log in to blogspot at the same time, so before trying to post a comment when you're not logged in, better copy it, in case it gets lost.

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