Sunday, 20 November 2011

Daily Mail idiots hail 'victory' as UK government hands over millions more to EU coffers

If the Daily Mail did irony, then the headline would make sense. But then I remember: the Daily Mail doesn't do irony. It does rightwing stuff for the benighted Tory faithful, narrow-minded moralistic curtain-twitching prurience and birds in bikinis. Thus:
"Victory for the UK! Millions of pounds saved as EU budget contribution rises by just 2%... after Europe demanded 5%"
Claiming a victory because we, the preyed upon tax-serfs of the sadistic Sir Humphreys and their degenerate political wards, are only going to be ripped off of £X million, rather than £X + £Y million is fooling no one. It's like claiming a victory because the burglars didn't shit in your bed when they ransacked your home.

This is the best we can hope for from the current 'Eurosceptic' rightwing in the media and in the Tory Party. If you shot them up with ketamine and dumped them in a flotation tank for the weekend they couldn't be any more out of touch.

As our struggle for independence continues we must be very careful not to trust for much help from such quarters.


Angry Exile said...

The burglar analogy is apt. I suppose it's occurred to nobody in Dacreville that the EU might have asked for 5% in the hope of getting 1.5%.

Trooper Thompson said...

They've obviously never seen this: