Sunday, 6 November 2011

EU arrest warrant exposes authoritarian agenda behind Brussels ... again

The story of a British woman arrested and held by German authorities for two weeks is just another example of many why ordinary people should despise the Brussels regime and all who serve it (e.g. David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband etc.)

Our rights and liberties are not the gift of the state. They pre-exist any state. Indeed they furnish the only justification that a state has to exist in the first place. Nonetheless, states have always sought to deprive us of these rights and liberties, as they hold back the illicit privileges of those who use the state for their own private benefit gain.

European integration is happening at one level above all; the level of authoritarian jackboot-lickers, who want to use modern technology to track and trace us, all the better to prey upon us, shake us down and abuse us for their sadistic pleasures.

The main parties are dominated by traitors who serve Brussels. No hope of change lies with them. Members and supporters of the main parties have a lot to answer for - they are the enablers, who through their lazy tribal loyalty, are sitting on their hands while the crooks are taking what's left of our birthright.

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