Friday, 18 November 2011

Germany is not the enemy. The enemy is far closer to home

The Tory press seems to be making out Germany as the villain in the current political shenanigans concerning the disintegrating EU. Those of us in favour of independence should steer well clear of this evocation of the ghosts of past conflicts. This is not about the struggle of nation against nation, but of the parasitical political/bureaucratic class against the common people in this nation and in others.

David Cameron, clueless puppet though he is, should be the object of our ire, not Angela Merkel. He is the point-man for the EU's continued take-over of this country. The fact is that events are blowing gaping holes in the political position of the pro-Brussels gang. In this country they have forever lied to us that the EU was not about ever-closer union, leading inevitably to something resembling the United States of Europe. Elsewhere this has been discussed openly, but the pro-Brussels gang have not wanted such a debate. Far better to mislead the public for as long as humanly possible as to the true nature of the 'Project'.

What these traitors in our midst have fed us for decades is the mythical 'third way', that there existed a happy medium between the United States of Europe and the terror of our original independence, and that 'we' (by which they meant 'them') needed to be inside the tent arguing for the right reforms. This illusion is crashing down around their ears, as the Eurozone nations face up to abdicating the last meaningful shreds of their former sovereignty or splitting. In the first case, this will create the hardcore EU, booting out the 'third way monkeys' to the periphery. Such a result can only amplify the calls by all good people for this nation to slip off the leash and return to the status of free country.

To reiterate the original point: our struggle for independence is not with the Germans and the French.

It is with the enemies within.


Sue said...

I must admit I've been enjoying it myself! I have ulterior motives for thinking that it's a good thing. The main reason being that it will wake some people up from their boring soap opera lives. It's something many people will be able to relate to and will stir them into thinking negatively about the EU, which can only be a good thing!

I couldn't have thought of a better anti-EU propaganda campaign!

Trooper Thompson said...

I think it's a mistake to lose sight, even for a moment, on our true enemies - the home-grown traitors. The EU has been receiving stolen goods, but the thieves are here and their crime is far worse.

Angry Exile said...

Sais a mouthful there, Trooper T, and I couldn't agree more. The only thing I'd add is that in addition to Cameramong (and Clegg and Milivanilliband and the rest) there are the unelected civil servants who are helping drive this shit show forward and getting the elected pollies to do their bidding rather than the theoretical other way round.

Angry Exile said...

PS If I ever meet anyone really called Sir Humphrey I'll probably defenestrate him without even thinking. Which will be unfortunate if he's not a civil servant.

Sue said...

If you want popular appeal, you won't get any castigating the leaders of the UK (each party has it's loyal membership). First you need an insistence that the public want to leave the EU, then we can sort out our own traitors. The EU Project was built a step at a time, likewise, we will have to devise ploys to get us out, one step at a time.

Trooper Thompson said...


firstly on moral grounds, the leaders of the Tory Party are the guilty ones right now and must be denounced for it. These leaders are not particularly popular. A large percentage of the people hate the Tories already, and a fair percentage of the Tory Party themselves want to get out of the EU and drag themselves along partly by deluding themselves that the Tory leadership have hearts in the right place. It is our job to expose that they do not, or let them prove us wrong.

One of our main problems right now is what I see as attempting to set up a false 'third way' - the renegotiation option, the redefining our relationship with (the rest of) the EU. This is intended to hive off the soft eurosceptics from realising that there can never be renegotiation.

We who know this 'third way' is a fraud must battle against it. It is a greater threat to us than those few people who actually want a united federal EU - you'll hardly find one of them this side of the Channel, because the plan is to hijack all the reasons we despise the EU and turn them into reasons for 'reform' - in other words for furthering the EU Project.

That's the line coming out of Labour, that people are anti-EU because they want more EU not less!

I hope you didn't think the original post was an attack on what you'd written elsewhere. It's a question of tactics and strategy. I'm sure both our rifles are pointing in the same direction.