Tuesday, 1 November 2011

News Round Up

There's a lot going on in these interesting times of ours. I'm somewhat lacking in energy at present, but a few things caught my attention. Firstly, there's the Greek referendum. Then there's the removal of all the Greek military chiefs. It wasn't that long ago when Greece was under a military dictatorship, so it makes me wonder what provoked the decision.

(Hat tip: The Boiling Frog)

On the Eddie Nestor's Drive Time show (Radio London) I heard an interesting, or should I say disturbing interview with Andrew Symeou, an innocent man bundled off to Greece and held without trial for almost a year, thanks to a European Arrest Warrant, even though there was not a shred of evidence against him, and the British courts knew it, but handed him over anyway, claiming there was nothing they could do. This kind of thing, and his case is not the only one, is why freedom-loving people hate the European Union, and why people who support it are traitors and scum.

Meanwhile, I learn there are plans afoot to criminalise squatting. I must declare myself against such a measure. After the last government, you'd think there was nothing left to criminalise, and it is a shame, albeit one that does not surprise, that the current government is carrying on with the programme. The main problem with squatting is the cost of taking legal action to get them out. This could be addressed by finding ways to reduce those costs. Making it a criminal offence is bound to lead to acts of injustice. It is already, of course, a criminal offence to break and enter, and there may be scope for examining the borderline cases, where the squatters are clearly taking the piss, but I am not convinced criminalising such matters is the answer.

Finally, over in the US, the Fast and Furious scandal seems to be growing, with hideous troll Janet Napolitano lying through her teeth that she knew nothing.

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