Monday, 7 November 2011

UK Borders; the scandal they don't mention

I see the Home Secretary and some of her overpaid tax-leaches are in hot water about relaxing the passport checks. What no one seems to be mentioning is that this was in response to passengers being kept for hours on end waiting to get through the checking process.

As someone who rarely flies these days, and viscerally hates airports, now they have been transformed into Stasi-Land theme parks, my sympathy is for the passengers. What kind of introduction is it to this country, that they are kept for hours, due to the inefficiency and callous disregard of the border goons?

All this bed-wetting, fear-mongering 'security' achieves is to piss off ordinary people (and if it doesn't piss you off, it fucking should), and does very little to detect actual criminals or bone fide terrorists, especially if they're holding EU passports.

So, border goons, if you must do all your pointless security checks, get a move on with it.

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Anonymous said...

My job means that I have to fly regularly all over the world and London Airports are an absolute disgrace! When I arrive at an airport in another country at least I have an idea of where I am, mainly as a result of the dress-code of the people who check my passport - coming back into LHR I could be anywhere and am treated like sh*t getting back into my own country whilst I see people from outside the EU sailing through passport-control, no questions asked. JC