Thursday, 3 November 2011

Unnecessary legislation

I couldn't be fagged to watch the whole of PMQs over at Calling England, but one early question (from Jason McCartney of Colne Valley) related to the theft of cabling and memorial plaques, with a call upon the government to legislate to stop such metals being recycled via scrap dealers.

This kind of thing annoys me, because there are obviously laws against such things, and thus no need for additional laws. What is necessary is for the courts to apply the law, and throw the proverbial book at such thieving scum.

Of course, if they want to do something positive about tackling theft, they could restore our right to keep and bear arms, but I won't hold my breath.


Leg-iron said...

Yes, 'stealing' and 'handling stolen goods' already covers it.

Then again, 'careless driving' already covered mobile phone use while driving but that didn't stop them having a special law just for one kind of carelessness.

The trouble is, they make law after law and enforce none of them. If these morons put a bit of effort into enforcing the laws we had before the Labour Law Explosion, it would be clear that we don;t need new ones.

Goodnight Vienna said...

What Leg-Iron said. One of the coalition's 'pledges' was to repeal unnecessary laws but instead they create more and mess up the Constitution. Thanks for the link TT :-)

Anonymous said...

If I may

"Something needs to be done, this is something, we must therefore do it"

The bastards just need to look and feel relevant when they are in fact, the problem.

Trooper Thompson said...

Leg-Iron, yeah the mobile phone ban is a classic of unnecessary laws. The more specific it is, the more laws you need. After all, there isn't a specific prohibition of ramming a dildo up your arse and masturbating furiously whilst driving, so is that okay? (Sorry to lower the tone).

No worries GV. SAOT, indeed. Their greatest fear is being ignored.