Tuesday, 29 November 2011

What is Hague demanding now?

Foreign Secretary William Hague is blowing hard over the Iranian protests against the British embassy in Tehran. This is not particularly surprising, but what does he want the Iranian authorities to do? Shoot the protesters?

Update: Reading that article, I come to this bizarre paragraph:
"The storming of the British embassy was the latest, and most violent, blow struck in a long-running battle of wits over Iran's nuclear programme. Diplomats had been expecting a major protest in Tehran on Tuesday to mark the first anniversary of the assassination of a senior Iranian nuclear scientist, Majid Shahriari, one of three killed over the past two years in the streets of the capital. "
How can a protest, leading to criminal damage and a few FO workers being jostled be called 'the most violent blow', when, in the same paragraph, it notes the assassinations of various Iranian scientists?

I am, by the way, aware of the rules about protecting embassies, but let's not get so fucking precious about it, eh.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they could just give us back the speed boats and equipment the 'Marines' gave up...

Trooper Thompson said...

I thought it was a fair trade for the civvy suits they gave those fellows.