Monday, 26 December 2011

Bill Hicks on the Waco Massacre

The fuss about Ron Paul's newsletters has got me thinking about the period that the controversial newsletters were written, that being the period between the Waco massacre and the OKC bombing. Bill Hicks, with his squeegied third eye and public access television, knew what had happened at Waco - the feds had murdered over 90 people in cold blood. Sadly he was gone by the time OKC came along.

Rest in peace, Bill. Gone but not forgotten. Here's a longer piece from him, from the album "Rant in E Minor".


Rob F said...

So David Koresh was a what? Is that any excuse to put on the jackboots and play with the lives of women and children, as if you're playing bloody Halo 3?

I once used to go to a Pentecostal Church, and my friends probably thought that I was a nutter, too.

These days I'd call myself a liberal Christian and a classical liberal. People probably still think that I'm a nutter, though, because I believe in the right to bear firearms (always preferred archery myself, but I believe that people should have the right to protect themselves by any means necessary).

That people join exploitative cults is regrettable, but it's no excuse for them being murdered by the footmen of the State

Trooper Thompson said...

Indeed. He may well have been crazy, I don't know, but that hardly justifies murdering over 90 people, especially when they could easily have arrested him when he went into town, as he often did.

Our right to keep and bear arms in England was considered unarguable until after the First World War, when the salami-slicing began. Sadly christians seem to have bought into the big government line as much as society at large, when, of all people, they should be forewarned against it.