Thursday, 15 December 2011

An Epitome - but of what?

Saint Didier no less

Arguing for free trade you will be assailed by false accusations. First an example of cut-throat business is given, this being so-called free trade. Free trade does not work (and is evil en realité).

You parry by saying that what is being described is not free trade, but rather a manifestation on a market under the weight of regulation, taxation, intervention, corruption and crime, and that this example will most likely be caused not by free trade, but by its abuse, its circumvention and its flouting.

Aha, they say, it just goes to show: there's no such thing as free trade. It cannot exist, therefore it is wrong. This is somewhat contradictory to the earlier assertion that so-called free trade was the cause of many a woe - now par contrast it does not nor cannot exist.

What is the answer?

Free trade, amongst other things, is a theoretical model, showing an unhampered market is the point of highest efficiency and satisfaction, all round, at least in the long-run, which should be something we can all unite in favour of, friends?

Many people misunderstand, the left, the right and the rest.

The left who were so enraged by Maggie's maxim: there's no such thing as society, only individuals, cannot connect themselves with the concept of the market as they do with the concept of society. But what is society, but the collective term for us human beings, i.e., more than one of us. The market is these same individuals, including us all, in action.

With the right I guess it's a weakness for guys in uniforms.

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