Saturday, 10 December 2011

Longest sentence yet for rioter! Not long enough

Some piece of trash looter has been handed two and a half years for his crimes. The Guardian reports this using the judicial slang of 'five years', which we all know means something less than half of that.

This is apparently the longest sentence yet, which just goes to show that for all the bluster about getting tough, the justice system has done what it always does: treat the criminals as victims of a cruel, unequal society.

These scum are lucky I'm not major of London. I'd have handed out guns to the shop-keepers and paid a bounty for every looter.


Single acts of tyranny said...

I did think the whole London riot scenario showed 'police protection' for the fig-leaf that it is at times of serious disturbance.

Fundamentally the proposition on offer is this. If the state can protect you, it may do so. If it can't for reasons of over-stretch or simple indolence or disinterest, self-defence is risky and may well land you in court. Armed self-defence will almost certainly land you in jail.

Not really a great deal when you think about it, especially in return for all the tax, although you begin to realise why they don't want us armed.

Trooper Thompson said...


The state is most indolent with convicted criminals, who it invariably releases from custody to prey upon the public.