Saturday, 24 December 2011

The one desperate smear they have

If you want to check how dishonest and desperate the establishment is at the prospect of Ron Paul winning Iowa, look no further than the Telegraph's story here.

Anyone familiar with Ron Paul will note how the Telegraph's claims that this is in any way a new story is utterly untrue. It begins:
Ron Paul, the fringe Republican hopeful (sic) who is threatening an upset victory in Iowa, was today engulfed in a political storm following the emergence of a series of racist newsletters that he published.
Following the emergence? This clearly implies that this is news, and yet this is exactly the same smear they used against him in 2008, as evidenced in this CCN post from January of that year, stating:

A series of newsletters in the name of GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul contain several racist remarks -- including one that says order was restored to Los Angeles after the 1992 riots when blacks went "to pick up their welfare checks."

CNN recently obtained the newsletters -- written in the 1990s and one from the late 1980s -- after a report was published about their existence in The New Republic.

None of the newsletters CNN found says who wrote them, but each was published under Paul's name between his stints as a U.S. congressman from Texas.

Also, here's Ron Paul responding to it at that time. Nevertheless, the Telegraph is happy to peddle a misleading hatchet-job that has been rebutted a hundred times, or else is essentially ignorant of the subject matter upon which reports. Either way, it shows why the establishment media is dying on its arse.


Single acts of tyranny said...

As I may not be looking at too many blogs over the festive period, may I take this opportunity to say thank you for an excellent body of thought over this past year, I greatly enjoy reading England’s Freedom

It is amongst perhaps two dozen that I look at more or less daily, so thank you and Merry Christmas

Trooper Thompson said...

Thanks, you're very kind.

Westerlyman said...

Ron Paul will deal with it. He will have anticipated that this would be brought up again and he is politically sophisticated enough now to say the right thing. The UK press are incompetent and despicable. Balance and truthful reporting have been unknown to them for years. Sensationalism, partisanship, hyperbole, misrepresentation are their tolls. Anything that will sell more copy. Fortunately it is a dying media.

Trooper Thompson said...

Let them run with it as long as they like. It's all they got.

Watching the ridiculous interview with that woman from CNN, when Ron got bored, earlier she asked him to quit the negative campaigning against Gingrich. He made a good retort, that if the media won't cover Gingrich's record, then he will. I hope this time around Paul's people stick the boot in more than last time, and give as good as they get.

There's nothing to stop his enemies making up any kind of lie against him. He's gotta go round them, under them and through them. The real fight is out among the people not with a bunch of media bubble people.