Sunday, 18 December 2011

Paying my respects

Although I have at times criticised Peter Hitchens, this doesn't change my respect for him. His diagnosis of the problem is almost invariably correct. It is his recommended course of treatment that I must sometimes take issue with. I am a libertarian free trade liberal, he is a conservative (an actual, proper conservative!). As such, we start and end in different places, but part of that journey is down the same roads.

So, my thoughts are with Peter on the sad news of his brother's passing, and with Christopher's family. Peter has written a piece in memory of his brother, which is, unsurprisingly, touching. As the author at Witterings from Witney notes, thank heavens we still have one Hitchens left.

Here's Peter in action at a recent debate on national independence at Policy Exchange. As always, he's worth the price of admission alone. His first speech starts @24:38, and, in addition to various other points, he sums up well at the end @ 1:16:10.

(I will avoid his contribution to the debate on legalising drugs further down the page for the moment).

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