Sunday, 25 December 2011

Ron Paul uncut interview

The attacks on Ron Paul will be focusing on this one issue of the newsletters and making all kinds of dubious associations with people like George Wallace and David Duke. There will be plenty of guilt by association on display, of the 'Hitler was a vegetarian' kind.

Tied to this will be the attempt to misrepresent the standard libertarian position with regard to freedom of speech and freedom of association. We defend such principles, irrespective of whether the views expressed or the aims of association are ones we agree with or believe in. The enemies of liberty will forever tar us with the same brush as those they wish to silence.

In my roamings, I came to a particularly over-the-top attack on Dr Paul, which contained many links to the newsletters. I am assuming that the writer did not expect anyone to bother clicking through to the links. Having done so, I discover that the majority of the newsletter pages have no content whatsoever that could be used against Dr Paul. Instead, it's pretty standard fare for a libertarian, anti-state goldbug - hardly likely to put me off!

(I shall put the links in a separate post shortly.)

Nevertheless, Ron Paul's campaign are going to have to tackle this issue. If they do so, there's an opportunity not to spike the enemy guns, but to haul them off and turn them back on the enemy! At present the attacks are coming from the GOP establishment and their foot-soldiers (many of whom seem to have arrived very late in the day to such hyper-ventilating anti-racism), but the Democrats will also make use of them if Dr Paul stays in the fight, so they can't be ducked.

By the way, the last, almost inaudible comment from Dr Paul is; 'I understand how the system works'.

Hat tip: Activist Post

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