Thursday, 19 January 2012

Cameron on capitalism: a curate's egg

In commenting on Cameron's speech regarding capitalism, I guess I could go either way, in other words, I could take some solace that he seems at least half right half of the time (presumably to the extent that he is influenced by Steve Hilton), which, in terms of British politicians is about as good as it gets, or I could denounce him for his adherence to interventionist myths about how free markets don't work, unless there's a bunch of cretinous politicians fiddling around with the mechanisms.

Few politicians are able to embrace free market capitalism in its true sense, because to do so would involve accepting that not only should they not interfere, but that their interference is positively malign in effect.

What they never seem to do is hold up the government and the state to the standards they espouse for others. If this government was a business, it would have been declared bankrupt decades, if not centuries ago.

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