Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Mises for the lazy

I was reading the excellent Mises collection of essays and addresses "Planning For Freedom", and it occurred to me that I could kick back and let someone else take the trouble, in this case Gennady Stolyarov II. Thw lecture was originally presented to the University Club of New York, April 18, 1950, and bears the title 'Middle-of-the-road leads to socialism' - also found in the Mises Institute publication "Two Essays".


will said...

depressingly prophetic. especially in regard to british born fabian gradualism and conversely the barely reluctant defeatism of the so-called defenders of free trade. boiling frogs

Trooper Thompson said...

His writings in the immediate post-WWII period are interesting for pointing out to an American audience how Britain had become a socialist state, and that this is attributed to the Churchill government rather than the Atlee one.