Monday, 9 January 2012

Samizdata attacking Ron Paul again

Yeah, that Dr Paul and his apparently ridiculous preference for peace, or failing that, a constitutionally-declared, limited bellum iustum, instead of the present practice of undeclared, endless, bankruptcy-inducing military adventurism in faraway countries, riles up the neo-cons amongst them.

As usual, there's the grudging acknowledgement that some of what he says may be okay, but any bonus points he wins for wanting to cut government expenditure massively, return to constitutional government, institute a sound monetary policy, re-establish the Bill of Rights, end the war on drugs etc., count as nothing, due to his disinclination to bomb the fuck out of the islamofascist ragheads, who are, even now, girding themselves to sweep down from the Hindu Kush into the heartlands of America.

(Brian's alright though, and some of the commenters too, to be fair).


Joshua Herring said...

Yeah, I'm getting really tired of the anti-Paul bent over there too. It's one thing to disagree with his foreign policy, but you would think that, on balance, there should be more pro-Paul than anti-Paul posts on a libertarian blog.

Trooper Thompson said...

You'd think so, wouldn't you? I have no patience for them. I think they're creepy, and they always block my comments, at least for a time, so there's no point getting into an argument with them.

Trooper Thompson said...

By the way, I admire you for even bothering to argue with them. The more I read down that comment thread the more I loathe and detest Samizdata. Maybe I should have run with my initial edit of this post, which was somewhat more vernacular.