Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Protect Children ...

...Disembowel a Puritan Fanatic Today

You know, I'm kind of getting sick of those puritanical temperance fanatics. I mean, my view of them doesn't change, the opinion dial is stuck with the arrow pointing to 'Spawn of Satan', but my level of visceral loathing does fluctuate. And courtesy of Dick Puddlecote, the crab in my spleen is nipping at my guts.

Those who don't wish to wander through yon link, the gist of the matter is a poster WE THE TAX-PAYERS no doubt paid for, calling for plain packaging for tobacco products, their newest ruse to piss off smokers and, in their fevered imaginations, bring us damned souls under the heel of they, the Elect.

Lord, I wish it was the 16th or 17th Century. Then they could all get on a boat and fuck off, and build their 'New Jerusalem' on some fly-blown mosquito coast and flagellate each other to their hearts' content and LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE. Or else they could hole up in a town in Bohemia and the armies of the Counter Reformation could beseige them and, after much suffering, burst through the walls and put them all to the sword.

Now, all I need to do is cut and paste that into the government consultation document.

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