Friday, 16 March 2012

Cameron; don't come back, you embarrassing tosser

Further to my pithy comment below, I note that Cameron has interspersed the most nauseous flattery for His Majesty, with expressing concerns over the extradition treaty his government enforces.

What a mockery. If Cameron gave more than shit, he'd take action in Parliament to throw the treaty out. That's what being a sovereign nation means. But he doesn't care in the least, that British citizens can be arrested and extradited for supposed crimes which, if they even happened, took place in Britain.

Aside from the US extradition treaty, there is of course the European Union Arrest Warrant, another glaring example of the monstrous infringement of our rights and liberties in this land due to the EU, and that this government has done a fat fucking zero to reverse the dismantling of our nation.


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How can we actual ensure he remains there?