Friday, 23 March 2012

Graham Mitchell - Victim of Monstrous Injustice: Update

Not here, but at Anna Raccoon's, who has dug into how exactly someone, acquitted 20 years ago, can find himself facing extradition for killing a man who is still alive.

The European Arrest Warrant is one of the clearest examples of how this country's membership of the European Union has been used to nullify long-established protections against the violence of the state.

Let us not accept the Nuremburg Defence when it comes to this treasonous attack on justice. Yes indeed, vile scum like Graham Watson MEP, who boasts of his involvement in having the 'legislation' enacted, are guiltier than most, but guilty also are the pen-pushing Judas trash and black-uniformed goons who have taken this ludicrous warrant from the Portuguese authorities and used it to attack an innocent man.

We are told that the UK government are 'looking into the matter'. What that means in reality is FUCK ALL. The Tory Party and even more so the Lib Dems, of which vile scum Graham Watson MEP is one, are instrumental in implementing this rape of our Magna Carta rights. See below for details:


BJ said...

Graham Watson is the most blithely evil person I can think of.

The EAW is an affront to our justice system.

I had the pleasure once of refusing to shake his hand - and now he is Sir Graham.


Trooper Thompson said...

Well done, sir. I'd like the opportunity not to shake his hand, and tell him what he is.

FrankC said...

Excellent speeches by everyone except Graham Watson.