Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Of heretics and bigots

There's a very interesting - sorry did I say interesting? I meant tiresome - debate going on at the moment about gay marriage and whether the law should be changed to permit it. Didn't we settle this years ago, with civil partnerships? Apparently, the leftist lobby are sore winners!

The strongest argument in favour of the change in law seems to be: If you don't agree, you're a gay-hating bigot, who's motivated by nothing but hatred and bigotry. Bigot!

Hmm, pretty convincing, especially when liberally (sic) sprinkled with the expected sub-Dawkins 'sky-fairy' imagery and general revilement of christians, due to the fact that certain bishops have publicly disagreed.

Personally, it doesn't affect me and I don't care. It's nothing to do with me if two men want to sign a contract to each other and call it marriage. I wouldn't raise my little finger to prevent it, nor indeed to support it. I do however find it faintly ridiculous for a "marriage" to consist of two husbands or two wives. Surely you need at least one of each? This is where the astute and ever-wary Guardian reader will reach for the Bigot Hotline - "I think I've spotted one!"

I know that the government will state that this will not arise, but it will be only a matter of time before a case is taken into court of a gay couple being refused their desire to marry in a church, and a test case will be made, and it's a fair bet that the judges will rule in favour of the gay couple. The thought police will be strengthened, the windows into men's souls will be ordered open for inspection, and oppressive weight of state-imposed orthodoxy will grow heavier, and it won't be enough to not give a fuck, YOU MUST AGREE.

On top of this, I find the attempt to bludgeon any disagreement to this proposal under a hale of insults disquieting. There is no necessary connection between opposing this measure and hatred. The only hatred I have noticed is that amongst the shrill lobbyists for the law change. All this heat so that the government will change the meaning of a word! In their fantasy world, many of the proponents are fighting an heroic barricade battle against the massed ranks of theocratic power. So puffed up with their sense of moral and rational superiority, they cannot see how close they resemble the very thing they despise. Substitute the word 'heretic' for 'bigot' and the transformation is complete.


The Filthy Engineer said...

Then gain they might run foul of the Universal declaration of Human Rights. I had a rant last night about this subject.


Longrider said...

This happens to be one of those cases where I am in agreement with the Church. Their gaff, their rules and their rules are pretty much a matter of public record.

WV - endsin, I kid you not.