Saturday, 17 March 2012

An old argument, but a vitally important one

Over at Liberal Conspiracy (sic), one of their number is attacking Daniel Hannan for his comments on Roosevelt's New Deal. It's enough to make statues weep, to see the same ludicrous nonsense trotted out to defend the fascistic Roosevelt and his disastrous policies.

The problem is that, even if people take different views, there has to be a common area of facts, but on this issue, no matter what evidence and rational debate is presented to overthrow the fairy tale of Roosevelt's success ( and you'd think the fact it's known as 'The Great Depression' may suggest a lack of success), it is a mammoth task to cut through the wall of willful ignorance. The enemies of liberty cannot refute the evidence of Benjamin M. Anderson, Murray Rothbard etc., who have laid out the water-tight case against Roosevelt's stinking New Deal. All they can do is cover their ears with their hands and shout 'la la la'.

Anyway, here's an interesting extract from Thaddeus Russell's 'Renegade History of the United States', which draws attention to the parallels between Roosevelt's policies and those of Hitler and Mussolini, and notes many instances where these latter two and their supporters were effusive in their praise for America's Great Dictator.

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