Sunday, 4 March 2012

Roger Helmer MEP: well done, sir.

Some time ago, certain pro-independence bloggers were rounding on Roger Helmer and other conservatives for staying loyally onboard the Good Ship Tory, even though Cap'n Cameron was steering it straight into captivity. To what little extent I joined in the stone-throwing, it was intended to prick the conscience of such as Roger, to put country before party.

So, I am happy to read that Roger has done the decent thing and jumped over to UKIP - something the tories could easily have avoided, had they not prevented the process whereby Roger would stand down his seat and the next-in-line would take over.

I am not a UKIPer, but what that party undoubtedly needs is a few people of Roger's standing, i.e., in the same weight category as the renowned party leader. There's only so far the party can go with only one media personage.

Hat tip: Autonomous Mind

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