Friday, 20 April 2012

Ban Neal Lawson

Even in the rogues gallery of The Guardian's 'Comment is Free', Neal Lawson stands above the crowd as a Class A Cunt. Via Longrider, it is my misfortune to read his opinion piece on why advertising should be banned. And why is that? Because apparently Neal Lawson cannot see a poster of a male model without breaking down in tears over his own inadequacy. Much as I endorse his self-loathing, unfortunately this is the only rational thought that has occurred in his fevered, authoritarian, freedom-hating mind.

Whatever disutilities one can associate with billboard advertising, they pale into nothing compared to the disutility of having cunts like Lawson spreading their venomous and putrid swill. The agenda Lawson is pushing represents an attack on not merely individual liberty and responsibility, but the very notion of adulthood. On top of this is the repudiation of private property in favour of the collective - a collective, which according to Lawson's despicable view is made up of mindless drones in thrall of whatever advert they last saw.

By the way, the title is ironic. I don't want to ban Neal Lawson, because, unlike Neal Lawson, I'm not a jackboot-licking piece of trash, and I have more than two categories - compulsory or prohibited - for the things in this world.


andy5759 said...

They live in a free country - they can ban what they like. I live in a different country, called England. The English may speak soon.

Trooper Thompson said...

They better speak soon, or they'll have to forever hold their peace.