Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Daniel Hannan: delusions of candour

There's an interesting piece by Daniel Hannan, but not perhaps interesting for the reasons he would hope. He sets forth the notion that, if all the UKIP supporters decided to dissolve their party and throw in their lot with the Tories, then the Tories would be in a much stronger position. This may be so. As David Brent quipped; 'If my aunty had bollocks, she'd be my uncle'.

His case is premised on a falsity; that the Tory Party is 'eurosceptic'. It is not. It is staunchly pro-Brussels, and always was, notwithstanding the instincts of a large section of the party, including such as Hannan, who remain in the party in spite of this neon-flashing truth.

Neither is the question of national sovereignty the only one of distinction. Those who consistently attacked the puritanical authoritarianism of New Labour, not to say its criminal military interventionism, have nothing to praise in the current government. On both these issues UKIP have taken the right stance.

It is not for UKIP supporters to join the Tories, but the other way around, to get out of the Vichy Party and join the resistance.

Hat tip (again): DK

Update: Right at the end of this clip comes Nigel's (pre-emptive) answer to Daniel.


Angry Exile said...

There's a large elephant in Hannan's room, isn't there?

Trooper Thompson said...

There certainlt is.