Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Guardian: throw away the mask and embrace what you are - jackboot-licking authoritarian scum

As my blogging comrade JuliaM notes, the Guardian - via its Sunday sister The Observer - is beseeching the government to turn the flame-throwers on the tattered remains of our liberty in an editorial entitled: "Public health: tackle this obesity crisis, Mr Cameron", the final paragraph of which reads:
No one doubts it is a huge cultural, political and behavioural challenge or pretends there is an easy solution. But if the answers, whatever they are, involve challenging corporate power and practices, legislating to improve the content of food or even limiting individuals' freedom to consume junk, then so be it. Only radical action will begin to win the challenge of obesity.
Here we see encapsulated the strategy of the enemies of liberty. Firstly, we have the manufacturing of a public health crisis; the 'obesity epidemic'. Secondly, we have the identification of the enemy. Following the tobacco-control playbook, this enemy is the powerful corporations who must be curbed by the force of law. Thirdly we have the necessity to protect people from themselves, i.e., an attack on individual freedom 'to consume junk'.

Let us not waste time trying to reason with these people. They are the enemies of all that is good and true.


Michael Fowke said...

Mad bastards, frankly.

I love eating junk food, burgers and the like. It's my life.

Anonymous said...

How does an 'obesity epidemic', (which is apparently so bad that we have 'the first generation of children predicted to die before their parents'), equate to the recent reports of children these days living until at least 80 - the response to which has been to incrementally increase retirement age? Both of these things are simultaneously reported almost every week in the MSM.

Which one is it? They're all fcuking mad, and unfortunately dangerous with it.

Like the other fascists in recent history, these people will stop at nothing in order to force their ideology on the rest of us - for our own good of course.

We have to be rid of them, and soon.


Bill said...

Religion of peace on one side, the righteous on another, the loony elite on a third the church of Rome on the fourth all funded by a Dutch family.

James Higham said...

Blogging comrade - quite like that.