Thursday, 26 April 2012

Legal extortion

A good example of why government is nothing but a criminal enterprise with an illusory cloak of legitimacy is seen every day in the petty tyranny of councils using strong-arm tactics to shake down motorists for parking in places they have imposed restrictions. Long gone are the days when parking restrictions had anything to do with ensuring no one obstructed the highway. The vast majority of restrictions are merely there to enable councils to extort money from unwary drivers. Attempting to appeal against such threats puts you into a Kafka-esque labyrinth of obfuscation and coercion. Very often the council is breaking the stupid rules, but they don't give a fuck, and in the meantime they've already hired thugs to come round and steal your property.

So we come to the case in point. A disabled, elderly man who suffered a stroke, when Camden Council sent bailiffs to rob him. The council officials will not care that one man's life has been so blighted, because they are scum.

The parking rules and the wheel-clamping rackets are an example of what happens in a society that allows its freedom to be taken away, salami slice by salami slice. If we were still an armed (i.e., free) society, I really don't think the wheel-clampers would exist.

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Tarka the Rotter said...

Surely we should be arguing that land 'owned' by the council is no such thing - it belongs to the people and as such should be available for them to use as they wish - if that is for parking so be it. More tyranny on the, just hop on to the Milibandwagon, you know it's coming...