Monday, 2 April 2012

Spot the glaring error

Via Sunny at Liberal Conspiracy, we travel back in time, to when the tories were in opposition and fighting valiantly for our civil liberties: This from the intro to a pamphlet by Tory MP Dominic Grieve titled 'Reversing the Rise of the Surveillance State':

New Labour has excessively relied on mammoth databases and wide powers of data-sharing, on the pretext that it will make government more effective and the citizen more secure. Its track record demonstrates the opposite, with intrusive and expensive databases gathering masses of our personal information – but handled so recklessly that we are exposed to greater risk.

A Conservative government will take a fundamentally different approach. We believe that your personal information belongs to you, not the state.

Oops! Someone should have proof-read that last line before sending it to the printers. It should of course read; "We believe that your personal information belongs to the state, not you."

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