Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Swiss Cheese

After a year’s virtual silence the man who claims to be the leader of a party which claims to be libertarian has finally made a statement.

Most notable was the absence of any word of apology. Instead he provided an implausible narrative of how elements within the party had launched an attempted coup and engaged in all manner of dirty tricks in order to destroy the party.

Those who have any personal knowledge of these matters, know how nonsensical his account is, and what lacunae lie in the story, such as the episode when he resigned along with his faithful chairman and they tried to de-register the party. The ‘coup’, therefore refers to the NCC meeting held after his resignation, as at least one of the current rump NCC knows, because he was present and voted for the replacements to fill the vacant positions.

He skates very lightly indeed over the central bone of contention; that being his refusal to hand over the party accounts for inspection – accounts which he should have already surrendered to the treasurer at least four months previously.

Had he done this, and had there been nothing untoward, had he had the courage or the sense of responsibility to face the party members, although he may indeed have had to give up the leadership, he could at least have left with some credibility intact.

Instead of this, he decided to lay low for a year, issuing the occasional cryptic message via his blog and waited until all the people who actually cared were no longer members. In this way, I suppose, he has won, and whatever it was he was so desperate that ordinary members, such as myself, could not see remains a secret.

Still, life goes on, and we have bigger fish to fry.

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