Friday, 25 May 2012

Australia: leading the world in insane carbon-phobic tyranny

Holy shit. What the fuck is wrong with Australia these days?
"SHOPS and restaurants could face fines up to $1.1 million if waiters or sales staff wrongly blame the carbon tax for price rises or exaggerate the impact."
Yes, I see the word 'wrongly' in that sentence, so no doubt the scum will claim it's only a requirement to tell the truth, but the obvious effect of such a ludicrously over-the-top measure is to prohibit anyone in business mentioning the very unpopular carbon tax (which, prior to the election, the PM promised she would not implement), and, of course, there will be the 'necessity' to create parasitical hoard of jumped-up 'carbon cops' to snoop and shake down businesses.

Hat tip: Infowars

Meanwhile, what the fuck is this?

Obviously this is supposed to be an amusing way of getting the enviro-mentalist message across, and it certainly reveals the twisted thinking of such zealots. Who wants to live in a place where, even in the smallest room, you are being observed? Worse still, accosted and assaulted a bullying worm-weasel?

I guess, what with 'the consensus' and 'the debate' being over, now comes the time to pummel people into compliance.


Anonymous said...

The electricity bill that has shown the total greenhouse emissions for this bill (consumption profile )
eg 2.62 tonnes
wont show this when the tax is applied what a suprise
It seems strange to show emissions when you dont have to pay them then not show them when you have to pay ( the retailers may not get their times tables correct when applying this tax )

cuffleyburgers said...

That video is totlly grotesque, what a bunch of utter wankers

DerekP said...

Easy to see what's going to happen when politicians try, East-German Socialist style, to regulate free speach:

Waiter: "Sorry mate but we're telling every customer up-front to avoid misunderstandings, Gillard's put in place a law so I can't say how much the carbon tax is on your food - you know, the carbon tax Gillard said before the election she wouldn't introduce."

andy said...

Its simple,when a client or customers looks askance at the bill you tell them
"its not the carbon tax" Wink wink.