Friday, 18 May 2012

Raising speed limit will save nation £10 billion

Yeah, that's right. I just worked it out following the scientific procedure known as 'lobby mathematics': I picked a high-sounding number and just went with it. Anyone can play that game.

Elsewhere I read: 80 mph limit 'will cost £1bn a year', according to the usual suspects. (so maybe only £9 billion clear profit after all)

The Government is due to consult soon on raising the speed limit from 70mph to 80mph on English and Welsh motorways.

The groups, which include road safety charity Brake, the Campaign for Better Transport (CBT) and Greenpeace, launched a campaign - called No to 80 - protesting at the Government's plans.

They reckon an 80mph limit would result in extra annual costs of £62.4 million from road casualties, including costs to health and emergency services and human costs; £180.4 million in carbon costs and £766.6 million in fuel costs. The groups are writing to Transport Secretary Justine Greening to request a meeting on the issue.

Brake deputy chief executive Julie Townsend said: "The No to 80 campaign calls on the Government to listen to the overwhelming evidence that raising motorway limits is dangerous, costly and damaging. Experts predict it would lead to more lives being brutally cut short and more people suffering debilitating injuries."

I note it says the government plan to consult soon. So the do-gooder mafia aim to get in first. Hey, fuckers, why not wait until the (phony) consultation starts? Also I note 'experts predict'. Oh the unerring experts with their predictions! The anti-car people ought to take a drive on the motorway some time. They'll realise that it won't make much difference. Indeed, I see the limit change as a Trojan Horse to bring in more speed cameras and the concomitant lovely money, as they extort and shake-down the ordinary people.

I wonder how much tax-payer money is handed over by the crooked government to these 'concerned citizens', enabling them to lobby the government?


Anonymous said...

Dear Trooper Thompson

How much do you bet that those awfully nice people at the EU have already decided on an EU-wide limit of say, oh I don't know, hmmm, let's say 125 kili-totalitarian-fascist units of measure per hour?


SadButMadLad said...

Considering the 99.9% of drivers do 80mph on the motorways already, changing the speed limit won't make any difference.

Also note that though the speed limit might be increase to 80mph, the leeway police give to those they stop is decreasing to 0mph. So currently you might be doing 80mph, 10mph above the limit, but the police give some leeway and don't touch you. After the introduction of the 80mph limit if you do 1mph above the speed limit you will get done.

So after all that what will be the change. Nothing. People will carry on driving as they do. And if they don't see any police around some will drive at stupid speeds whatever the law says.