Thursday, 21 June 2012

I'm white and therefore evil

Here's some bollocks, as if we haven't got enough already:

Utter shite. I am not playing such silly games. I am not going to be ashamed of the colour of my skin. So, Unfair Campaign, take all your hand-wringing anti-white racism and self-hate and suppositise it.

Now they've gone, have a little ponder on the actual message. It says that it is a privilege you are not immediately treated with suspicion and fear, and that it is therefore 'unfair' (no doubt also ungood).

The problem will be solved when our society totally fractures and breaks apart, as we will all be in the same sewer. Also, consider these messages: white people hate black people and always will. Don't trust whitey! White people: you are racists and nothing you can say or do will change it. You should hate yourselves. Black people: There's nothing you can do to be accepted or to fit in, so you might as well make no effort to do so.

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