Friday, 22 June 2012

Labour goes after anti-immigrant vote, but not convincingly

Ed Mil’s statement on immigration, heralded as some kind of admission of mistakes when the party was under previous leadership (i.e., somebody else’s fault), deserves little attention. There is no apology in his words, nor should we expect or give respect to any one that was forthcoming. The truth of the matter has long been known, that Labour purposefully embarked on a policy of mass immigration, intent on socially engineering the population and obtaining political advantage. The propaganda spin that the government was ‘wrongly advised’ on the numbers is a stinking and cowardly lie.

Additionally, let us look at his proposals to deal with the problem his party helped create. As a true Big Gov authoritarian, the answer is new laws for the rest of us and new shackles on business. Moreover, the ostensible ‘apology’ is quickly turned round into an attack on capitalism:

He said: "Labour has to change its approach to immigration but you cannot answer people's concerns on immigration unless you change the way your economy works.”

So, there you have it. The problem: government. The solution: more government!

Finally, casually inserted down the article we see the driving force behind Ed’s change of heart:

“Polling recently published by Policy Exchange shows that a Labour shift on immigration and welfare would be the single most important issues to win back Labour swing voters.”


Anonymous said...

In my teens I believed the Labour party to be ideologically wrong but well intentioned.

I now believe socialism to be an evil and the present day Labour adherents to socialism to be cynical beyond belief.

Just look at any comment section in the Guardian to see what they really think.

But the dopey electorate will buy it TT.

Anonymous said...

Dear Trooper Thompson

@ BJ 22/6/12 4.01 pm

I agree with BJ: socialism treats people as livestock. Humans treated as livestock are slaves. People are pwned by government and traded wholesale on a global market. We have been sold to the EU by our politicians and bureaucrats. When the price is right our EU pwners will sell us, together with their accumulated livestock in the rest of the EU, to the next level.

Time to regain our freedom from government.


I July - National Smoking Day - feel free to light up

Trooper Thompson said...

A lot of socialists are well-intentioned, I think. Indeed, I have no problem with voluntary socialism. It is the coercive kind which is bad.