Sunday, 10 June 2012

Meanwhile in Nato's liberated Libya

... liberated of its gold, its oil wealth, its foreign investments etc.

From WSWS, Jean Shaoul reports:

"Libya’s ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) has postponed elections scheduled for June 19 amid continuing militia clashes, kidnappings and arrests. The elections are unlikely to be held before mid-July at the earliest.

On Wednesday, the US Consulate in Benghazi came under bomb and grenade attack, although no one was injured. It was reportedly in retaliation for the killing of Libyan-born cleric Abu Yahya al-Libi by a US drone strike in Pakistan hours before.

Earlier in the week, a brigade of al-Afwiya militiamen briefly took over the capital’s international airport in Tripoli and grounded all flights to pressure the NTC to release their leader, Abu Ajila al-Habshi.

The al-Afwiya is only one of more than 500 “rebel” armed outfits that fought Gaddafi’s forces. During the NATO war, they seized different parts of Libya and its vital and most lucrative infrastructure and funds and set up checkpoints along the major highways. Many of these rival gangs have yet to disband or be integrated into the national army, itself little more than another militia. There have been constant reports of fighting between these armed groups as they carve up Libya’s towns and cities into “zones of influence.”

The continuation of these conflicts exposes as a lie the justification for the NATO-led war for regime-change—that it would bring democracy and human rights. Rather than “liberation”, the country faces violent break-up and civil war."


Daz Pearce said...

Nicely done TT.

As you'll know, the civil war was actually turned by Jihadists returning from Afghanistan. I don't think a nice, safe liberal democracy was what they had in mind!!

What we've discovered is that while various groups united against a common enemy, there was no single alternative that suited all of them.

Different people want different things.

You can't give someone freedom, a notion that is taken from the oppressor by an individual asserting themselves.

I used to think it was a question of ignorance, but it's quite obvious that our Statist class just love wars don't they?

Trooper Thompson said...

Nothing has happened that wasn't utterly predictable. As far as I can judge, Nato simply wanted to destroy Gaddafi and pillage the foreign reserves and mineral wealth. With Gaddafi out of the way, no more African Monetary Fund, no more gold-backed currency.

It's not the first time AQ is fighting on the same side as Nato. The same thing is seen in Syria right now.