Sunday, 10 June 2012

Temperance Taliban Chief predicts massive violence

As reported in the Telegraph:
Eric Appleby, chief executive of Alcohol Concern, said: "We think there is a big battle ahead."
As those with even a passing familiarity with the English language will know, a 'battle' is a violent clash between opposing forces, usually involving death, destruction, severed limbs and all manner of horror.

No doubt Appleby's apologists will claim he was only 'speaking metaphorically'. Yeah.

Only last week, the leader of another puritan sect described the movement in terms of a holy war, and in the article quoted above yet another called for 'extreme measures'.

Surely it's only a matter of time before these puritan jihadis put aside the rhetoric and the metaphors and revert to their older ways.

Comply or die. How puritans act when they get into power.


Tarka the Rotter said...

People who tweet things like this have been arrested...why not these guys?

Trooper Thompson said...

Tarka, I wouldn't want to see that happen.

Tarka the Rotter said...

MMmm no, my point was more about what people say and how the authorities choose - or not choose - to act. Am a free speech guy myself and don't think anyone should be locked up...there just seems to be different rules for different people, that's all.

Trooper Thompson said...

Understood. I'm just aware that some might think I had slightly over-egged the pudding!