Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Rising to obscure bait

I see I'm being slagged off behind my back by someone calling himself 'Libertarian John'. Amongst my sins is the fact that I write here under a nom de plume - quite how this squares with the writer's own use of a pseudonym, I'm not sure. Still, the post is called 'Never believe what you read', so perhaps I should assume it's all bollocks.

The subject is of marginal interest. I cringe to even mention that it is yet another raking of the coals of the acrimonious death of LPUK. The writer is, I believe, continuing the complaint he left on a post I wrote some time ago, in which he took issue with my reference to LPUK holding the fledging Scottish party to ransom with regard to the name. This was a passing comment which had nothing to do with the main point I was making, and I responded by saying that I bowed to his greater knowledge in that particular. I said then as I say now, I have nothing against the Scottish Libertarians.

If he wants to know who hides behind 'Trooper Thompson', let him ask his chums in LPUK, or he could probably find out himself with a bit of minimal effort from other places where I write. It is certainly not the case that I say anything regarding LPUK under a pseudonym that I wouldn't say under my own name. Besides, I'm way past caring.

My reason for stumbling over the post, by the way, was that it contained a link to this blog, which showed up in my stats.


Longrider said...

"As being involved in the Scottish Libertarians I came across one blog post, some one calling their selfs “Trooper Thompson“, which is not his real name, so one needs to question what has this Individual got to hide."

Ah, yes, that old canard, the last refuge of the fuckwit. Everything else he says - including grammatical errors can safely be ignored if he falls for that one. All I can see is a hysterical little rant and nothing that anyone would take seriously. Maybe it's because he is not using his real name, eh? Twat.

Daz Pearce said...

Hi TT - as you'll know our site has had many of the same issues. Anyone who asked questions was and still is smeared as a lunatic.

I read the notes from their AGM and it seemed half of it was devoted to having a pop at people like us.

I'll close with a little ditty:-

Withers is a shyster
He wears a shyster's hat
and when he saw that twenty grand
He said, "bunch of fucking mugs, thinking they could leave that sort of money with a guy like me".

Trooper Thompson said...


yeah, it's a purile pop, especially as I'm sure the guy knows my by my name, and if not could easily find it out if he took a moment of his time. It's not like the London ex-party is this vast sea of faces...


the best revenge is living well.

Anonymous said...

I, too, had to rise, leaving a comment on the site, pointing out the irony in his (?) posting.

He (?) hasn't responded, which means: a) he has seen it, and is too embarassed, or b) he has no idea what I am talking about, so cannot respond.

There may be more options, and I am sure you can fill them as you wish.

Radical Rodent

Trooper Thompson said...


I have a feeling that the blog is now abandoned. There doesn't seem to be much activity there.