Sunday, 24 June 2012

Syria versus the West, and that downed plane

Now, listen carefully children: those nasty, wicked Syrians have done another terrible thing. They've shot down a Turkish warplane which was totally innocently minding its own business. The Syrians claim it violated their airspace, which the Turks admit, but that changes nothing!

The important thing is to focus on the real story: the outrage of shooting down a warplane, just because it happens to stray accidentally into your airspace. It's immaterial that the Turkish government is allowing its territory to be used for training Al Qaeda death squads and funneling weapons to anti-government militias, or that Turkey's main Nato allies are drooling at the prospect of raining death down on Syria in support of their Sunni extremist chums in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, which is most likely making the Syrian air defence somewhat jittery. Forget all that.

Just remember: it's all Syria's fault.


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Anonymous said...

yes it's all the nasty Syrian government's fault. Those Syrians should let the benign Western governments help them like Iraq and Libya and they will see the wealth and happiness of their people grow.